Champagne and Chocolate

Part 6 By Gin

Caution: Contains sexual scenes


Even as the week went by in a haze of intimacy, Luka knew he couldn’t stay here.  He couldn’t risk it; he couldn’t allow himself to love again.  It would be better for him to leave now and risk Caitlyn’s not understanding.   He sat on the deck, finishing his beer, wandering what the future would bring.  He thought about what he would say to her now, how he would make excuses for leaving without knowing if he would be back. 

He didn’t say anything to Caitlyn when he went back into the house.  Even worse, she didn’t ask.  That was telling.   Even though she was enormously lenient in matters concerning what he did or did not want to talk about, she wouldn’t let a guest in her home just leave without inquiring about him.  She knew.   And she didn’t want to talk about it as much as Luka didn’t.  They made a great pair.

Dinnertime came and went with Caitlyn still sitting in her office.   She was supposedly working on some notes for a lecture she was to deliver.  Luka had wandered around the house earlier, looking for little chores he could do to keep himself busy.  Running out of these, he had picked up his book.  He had a suspicion that Caitlyn had gotten the same amount of work done as he had gotten pages read – none.

Taking a deep breath, Luka put down the unread book.  The situation was going to have to be broached, and it was his responsibility to do so.

“How’s the lecture coming?” he asked.

Caitlyn shrugged.  “I guess it’s okay, I really haven’t gotten that much done.  I should have just quit but I’m too stubborn.”   He came up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders.  “Let’s get some dinner.  It’s getting late, past 8 o’clock.”

“I’m not really in the mood to eat out tonight, but I don’t want to cook either.”  Caitlyn replied.

Neither did Luka.   He didn’t want to get caught up in doing dishes, all the prep and clean-up work fixing dinner required.  “Let’s go get some take-out.”  He waited for her to freshen up and slip on her sandals.  Then he grabbed her hand and headed for the Chinese carryout a few blocks away.  He didn’t release her hand as they walked along, but kept it firmly anchored in his.   She must have sprayed on some of her scent as she got ready.  It had a slightly sweet musky flavor to it.  He knew he would recognize it anywhere now; he would forever identify it with Caitlyn.

They ordered and walked across the road to sit on the broad steps leading down to the beach while they waited.  Luka leaned back against the railing and pulled Caitlyn down between his legs, back against his chest.  The offshore evening breeze hadn’t picked up speed yet and it was still rather hot.  He put his arm around her loosely, the other hand buried in her hair, tangled and wild from the walk.  He put his face to her hair, smelling the herbal scent it held, and thought about what he needed to say.  There was no way to say it softly, or to explain either.

Luka hesitated the spoke, “Cait, I have to leave.”

He felt her body tense slightly, but her voice remained level.  “I know.  When?” she asked abruptly.

“Tomorrow.  I’m catching the early morning flight back to Chicago.”

Her hand tightened on his arm.  She didn’t trust herself to open her mouth right now.  She took a slow, long breath to release some tension.  Eventually, she felt that she could speak.  “Do you think you’ll ever come back?”

“I have no idea.”  Luka paused and clasped a hand in hers.  “I don’t know if I can let go of the past, or if it will let go of me.   Part of me wants to stay here with you, and another part wants to run again.  I need some more time to sort a lot of things out in my mind.”

Her hand squeezed painfully on his and she wasn’t even aware of it.  “How will I know if you are all right?  You know I will worry about you.” 

“You’ll know,” he replied.  “I will call you, I promise.”

“You’d better, Luka,” Caitlyn’s voice sounded husky, “You damn well better.”

He tilted her head back on his shoulder and kissed her.  He could feel wetness on her face and mouth from tears running down her face.  It damn near made him decide to stay against his better instinct, but his thinking self overruled that emotional decision without any hesitation.   Until he had chased away the demons that haunted him, he couldn’t expose Caitlyn to them.

“Come on, I’m hungry.”  He pulled her up with him and walked over to pick up their food.  They didn’t talk much on the walk home.  Luka kept his arms around Cait, not wanting to relinquish holding her while he could.  Caitlyn rummaged in the bag and fed fried wontons to him, munching on them herself.  Once back at her house, they sat at the table and ate with Isis at their feet, meowing for her share of the goodies.  Luka really didn’t taste much, but was glad to have the hollow, hungry feeling lessened in his stomach.

By the time they were done with dinner it was late and the sun had gone below the horizon, leaving everything dark.  Caitlyn seemed distracted and lost in thought, lazily cleaning up the food.  Luka had a thought and went into the living room.  He found candles and lit them, scattering them over various surfaces.  They gave off just enough of a glow to illuminate the room in a soft golden light.  At the stereo he found some CDs that held soft, dreamy music, good to dance to.

When Caitlyn came out of the kitchen he handed her a glass of brandy he’d poured.  “Here, have some.”   Luka sat down on the sofa and Caitlyn sat next to him, leaning on him.  They sipped in silence, listening to the music, each lost in their own thoughts.  They’d gone through most of the brandy he’d poured when Luka pulled her off of the sofa.

“Let me hold you, “ he said, wrapping his arms around her and placing her head against his chest.  He began to move to the music, a slow and seductive piece of blues.  They both thought of last week when he had first taken her out to dinner and danced with her, how he’d begun to seduce her into his bed.  Caitlyn’s smile was rather bittersweet; it hadn’t taken long.  Not long at all.  In fact, not long at all described the whole relationship.

She mentally chastised herself.  Stop it!  She had little time here, best not to waste it thinking things that could be saved for later.  Time now for enjoying the moment.  She buried her face against his chest in the opening of his shirt, smelling the clean smell of his skin, feeling the brush of the hairs on his chest against her face.  She put her arms more firmly around his waist. 

They continued to dance to the slow seductive music as it changed from one song to another.  The candlelight flickered in the draft from the ceiling fans, causing their reflections to waver on the walls.  Luka smoothed his hands up and down her back, feeling the press of her breasts against his chest, nipples hard against him.  He knew she was aroused.

Caitlyn moved her hands slowly down his back and over his waistband, resting them on his buttocks, feeling the flex and play of his muscles as he turned slowly on the floor.  Pulling in slightly, she felt his growing erection pressing against her abdomen, and moved to trap it between their bodies.

She raised her head to him and said, “Kiss me.”  They kissed and continued to rub and brush their bodies back and forth against one another as they moved in an erotic slow dance.  She reached up to unbutton his shirt and pulled the tail out of the waistband of his pants.  Now she could run her hands underneath on to his skin, up his back, around and up his chest.  She flattened her palms against his skin, rubbing firmly over the nipples, muscles and hair, absorbing the sensations through her nerves to remember later.  Reaching up, she pushed the shirt off his shoulders and he shrugged it off his arms.

Keeping one arm anchored around her waist, he kissed her again while unbuttoning her shirt.  Luka moved slowly, wanting to draw this out, making it last.  It was too short.  He thrust the melancholy aside and focused on the woman in his arms.

Parting the sides, he looked down to see a deep green lace half-bra, her breasts nearly falling out of the brief cups.  Smooth skin shone golden in the wavering candlelight, lush and ripe under the confining clothes.  Her shirt followed his onto the floor.  He held her and just danced some more, enjoying the feeling of her lace-covered breasts rubbing against his skin.  The music changed and he reached to trace the edge of the bra with the tips of his fingers, drawing them back and forth lightly over her skin.  He dipped a finger every so often under the edge of the bra, teasing.

He stopped moving and reached down, unzipping her shorts and slowly peeling them down her legs, ridding her of them.  She stood there in matching bikinis, all golden skin and hidden hollows.  He just looked for a moment, caught by her beauty.

“You’re staring, Luka,” she said as she reached for his zipper, lowering his shorts.  He had on tight navy blue briefs that clearly showed his arousal.   She smiled.  “At least I know you like what you see.”

“Oh, I like it a lot.”  He kissed her hard, pulling her skin against him.  He kept them dancing while kissing her, their legs brushing closely to one another.  He kept moving slowly and their kiss deepened, his tongue thrusting lightly into her mouth in imitation of an act he soon meant to complete.

Caitlyn took a step toward the hallway pulling Luka with her.  He got the idea and reached for a candle, bringing it with them.  He kept one arm around her, dancing her down the hall and into her bedroom while she laughed.  Placing the wildly flickering candle on the bedside table, he took her by the shoulders and turned her around, her slender back presented to him.   Unhooking her bra, he smoothed the straps off her shoulders, trailing his mouth over her skin behind it.  The clothing fell to the floor and he cupped breasts in his hands, pulling her back flush against his body, her head falling on to his shoulder.

“You feel so good,” he whispered next to her ear, as he massaged her breasts and teased the nipples.  She rolled her hips back against his briefs, feeling his arousal straining against the cotton.  Abruptly, he took two steps toward the bed and pushed her down on the comforter, following her down.

As he raised her up, Caitlyn went to roll over, but he pushed her shoulders back down.  “No, stay like that.”  He skimmed his hands over her spine, smiling as she automatically arched her back.    His hands moved down to her hips, hooked into the lace of her panties and pulled them slowly off her hips, down over her legs and on to the floor.  He stripped his own briefs off next and lay down half on top of her warm body.

Separating her legs, he reached down and pulled one knee up, exposing her to him.  Her skin was warm and soft and he ran his hands over her whole body, feeling the shape and texture of her, memorizing.  He took his time, lingering over the curve of her hip, the crease of her knee, the swell of her breast, and the small of her back as it rose into the crease of her buttocks.

Caitlyn made small sounds, little sounds of contentment and pleasure as his hands roamed over her.  Once again Luka pushed her back down as she tried to turn.  “Wait,” he told her.  He continued to trace the lines of her body, watching in the soft candlelight as she quivered faintly from certain strokes.  He repeated these frequently, drawing forth more of the response.  When she tried again to move, he stroked up her legs and between, hearing her breathing catch as he traced the soft folds lightly.  Her legs relaxed open even farther as he continued the feather light stroking, offering more of herself to his touch.

Luka sat up, turning her over on to her back, placing a leg on either side of his, leaving her completely open to his view.  She struggled momentarily, but he moved up and kissed her.  “Shh, let me do this,” he whispered.  Sitting back, he stroked her again, watching her responses.  She was looking at him through half-opened eyes and he looked back at her, letting her see his own excitement at watching her.   He stroked her carefully, finding the places that excited her, the touches that elicited soft breathy moans.  He caressed her until she shuddered and he heard a soft, “Please.”

Leaning down, he put his mouth where his hands had just been, finding the same places and using the same strokes this time with his tongue and lips, adding to the sensations she was experiencing.  They coalesced into one focal point of sensation and she tensed, feeling the explosion building.  She wanted it and yet wanted to share it with him at the same time.  She struggled momentarily, but he kept driving her towards the edge.  One long sweep of his tongue drove her over, tearing a long moan from her as her body convulsed with shudders.  He clung to her hips, anchoring her and holding her still for his mouth to continue caressing her.

Her body was still shuddering as he placed a pillow next to her and turned her over on it, angling her buttocks up toward him.  He wanted her now, and didn’t hesitate as he found her entrance and drove inward, causing her to gasp and shudder once more.  Her muscles grasped him, squeezing, and he grunted at the sudden overwhelming sensations as he stroked out and in again.   The angle allowed him to slide in deeply and he did so, over and over again, causing both of them to moan from the intensity.  Holding her tightly against him, he sat back on his legs and pulled her with him.  She rose up, leaning back on his chest; her hair wild, with him still deeply buried within her body.   He felt himself as he moved again, slowly in and out, and caressed her.  She picked up his rhythm and they began to move in unison.  The pleasure built in him, feeling her breasts in his hands, the soft cheeks pressing against his groin, her vaginal walls clenching with force as she approached another climax.  Her free arm came back and grasped his hips to her.  “Luka...Luka!”  She groaned as she peaked again, grinding herself heavily against his body.  He could feel the spasms of her inner muscles as well as the convulsions of her body as her quivering muscles pushed him over the edge into his own climax.    They sat there like that for some time as their bodies continued sparking with pleasure, long after the peak, his arms wrapped around her body, holding tightly.  She began to move off of him, but Luka stopped her.

“No, please, wait,” he asked of her once more.  He didn’t want her to move from him just yet, to feel the separation from her body, to lose her warmth.  And so they sat, not really moving or saying anything, Luka holding her as he slowly felt himself leaving her, his face against the side of her head, her hair a wild cloud on his shoulder.  His eyes were open as he looked down upon Caitlyn, and maybe she felt them, because she opened her own and looked up at him.  Hers were the luminous green of bottomless lakes in the candlelight, rimmed with a darker edge of color and fringed with gold-tipped lashes.  They were beautiful, expressive eyes and right now they looked as if they held the wisdom of the world in their depths as she looked at him unblinkingly.

I love you.  He heard the words as clearly as if they’d been spoken out loud, their sound echoing in his head, and he froze in reaction.  He couldn’t hear those words spoken, couldn’t bear to have them dropped in the midst of this room.  In half panic, he covered her mouth with his, as if to swallow any sounds that might escape.  She reached up and held his head to hers, kissing him sweetly in return.  He saw his own fear and saw it clearly, yet he couldn’t change it.  Slowly, he ended the kiss and moved gently to disentangle them.


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