Champagne and Chocolate

Part 4 by Gin

Warning: This story contains very explicit sexual situations.


Caitlyn heard Luka return from the kitchen but she didn’t open her eyes.  She was afraid of what she might see.  She couldn’t imagine what could be so intimidating.  Luka was a good man; it wasn’t his fault all her old longings and desires had returned with a vengeance.   It was like her brain had been kidnapped.   That thought made her smile.

“What are you smiling about?” Luka inquired from next to her.

“Oh nothing, just happy to be alive and well.   The breeze is cool, the water is warm, and I’m in the middle of it.” 

“Well drink this, it will get even better.”   He picked up her hand, and a long, fluted glass was placed in it.  She opened her eyes and saw bubbly champagne with a single strawberry in the bottom.

“Oh Luka, my favorite.  How did you know?”  She took a sip of the champagne.  “Thats wonderful.  I hope you have more strawberries.” 

“Don’t worry, there’s more.”  She heard a splash next to her and felt his legs as he settled into the Jacuzzi.  “There’s a table right behind us.”

She took another sip of the bubbly and wondered if anyone could die from too much happiness.  Luka moved next to her, reaching for something behind her head.  Cait felt a strawberry teasing her mouth and opened her eyes to see him drinking his champagne and holding out the fruit for her to see.  She closed her teeth over it, pretending to go after his fingers.

“No biting the hand that feeds you.” He teased, reaching back for one for himself.   He recalled something in the kitchen and rose from the water.  “I’ll be right back.”    It didn’t take him long to return.    He slipped back into the water and reached back to get something.

“Try this.”  He held out something to her mouth.  She tried to see what it was, but he pulled it back.  “Just open up.”  She complied and a warm, rich, chocolate-covered strawberry was put in her mouth.   She groaned, sinking back into the tub.

He smiled, “Want another?”

She finished swallowing and moaned, “You’re going to kill me, Luka.  I’m going to die of bliss right here in this tub.”

“Yes, I’m going to see that you do.”  He said, laughing softly and held out another chocolate-covered strawberry, which she obligingly ate.  Once again, that expression came onto her face, the same one which he’d seen last night.  He reached back on the table.  “So, you said skip the strawberries and go straight for the chocolate, huh?  He looked at her in a way that made her insides clench.  He brought something up to her mouth, waiting.   “Open your eyes,” he told her.  When Caitlyn did, he reached out and stroked a chocolate-covered finger over her mouth, leaving a streak of dark chocolate across her lips.  She opened her mouth to lick it off as he smiled and said, “Let me.”

His mouth came down on hers, warm, wet, open, as he traced her lips with his tongue.  Pulling her lower lip into his mouth, he sucked on it gently, his tongue flicking the corners of her mouth to lick away all the chocolate he had smeared there.  She could taste the chocolate, dark and rich.  It seemed to match his own flavor.  He sucked on her upper lip, tonguing away any left-over chocolate.

Then he plunged his tongue inside her mouth, sharing the flavor with her, stroking her tongue and teeth.  His arms had come around her, holding her tightly, and he felt her body go limp as she gave herself to the feelings.  He moved away to stand and pull her up, placing his arms around her.   He bent his head to hers, his lips gentle and coaxing, his hands tangling in her hair.  She gasped as he released her lips and pulled her tight against his body, his desire pressing against her stomach.  He moved against her, letting her feel the need he had as he continued to make love to her with his lips.  Caitlyn moaned, clutching at his shoulders, shivering from the sensations his mouth created.

He liked the feeling of her shaking in his arms.  He wanted more and began to pull her with him out of the Jacuzzi, onto the deck in the cool night breeze.   He urged her to follow him.  He felt resistance as he tugged her arm, and turned back to her see looking at him, both desire and confusion in her expression.  Grabbing a towel, he wrapped it around her shoulders, wrapping his arms around her to warm her wet skin.

Caitlyn’s head was spinning from the effects of his lovemaking and the suddenness of it all.  She felt a sense of fear and hesitancy as she struggled with the risk of revealing her desire to someone from whom that desire had always been kept so well hidden.   In fact, she had almost managed to convince herself it had not been there. 

His mouth descended on hers once more, lovingly and warmly, offering himself to her, and asking for a response.  She wasn’t sure what it should be.  Turning her head away from his mouth, she whispered, “But Luka, this is so soon...”.  He captured her mouth, holding her face in his hand, cutting off the words.

“No, its not.”  He said softly against her hair.  “It’s been way overdue.  I’ve never forgotten you, or how I felt about you.” 

“I didn’t know.  You always kept me at a distance.”  Caitlyn murmured.  “I was a fool.”  He responded.  “I was running away, but I’m not running anymore.”   He covered her mouth with his, cutting off any reply she could have made.  He kissed her thoroughly, not letting up until she leaned against him in surrender, her arms around his waist.

“Now its time for us to be together.”  His lips brushed across her cheek.  “You are a beautiful woman, Cait, with an open and giving heart.”  He trailed his lips over her eyes and down her cheek.  “I want you, to share this with you, to see your face when you’re with me.”  He kissed her again, seducing her with his words and kisses, moving towards the door behind her.  “Do you want me?”  he questioned.

Caitlyn moaned as she felt his body pushing urgently against hers and she felt herself yielding while he held her tightly against him.  His hands fell to her bottom, holding tightly, while his mouth moved down her neck, trailing fire and nipping lightly at her breasts through the thin wet nylon.  It caused a sensation to spark deep within her, and her legs began to weaken.  She barely managed to get out a shaky, “yes,” when he scooped her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom.

He stood her next to the bed and kissed her again.  He had the towel in his hand and between kisses he began to rub her wet arms and shoulders.   He unhooked her top, letting it fall by their feet.  His mouth followed the towel and he traced the water drops down her breasts to their peaks, hard and puckered from the excitement and the chill.  He bit down gently and she moaned slightly.  He made quick work of her pants, peeling them down to the floor.  His mouth traced a path back up her body, licking the water away while his hands rubbed the towel over her wet skin.

He pushed her back on the bed.  “Don’t move.”  He ordered.  He went out to the deck, quickly returning with the chocolate pot, along with the champagne and strawberries.  He began to peel his suit off, but Caitlyn sat up and stopped him,  “Let me.” She said.

She slowly pulled the wet cloth down to the floor, her mouth trailing up over his stomach, licking down over his hipbone in a slow move.  His skin was warm, almost hot against her own coolness, and he was hard with muscles underneath the smooth surface.  One hand wrapped around his buttocks, feeling the firmness, feeling the light furring of hair there, the shifting and flex of his thigh muscles against her hand and cheek.  She grasped him very lightly and he fisted his hands in her hair.  Her hand moved upward over him, feeling the length of him, the texture of his skin, feeling the pulsing of blood in his veins.

His skin was still damp and she used the towel to blot off the majority of the damp.  “Lay down.” He whispered, urging her with his hands towards the bed, pulling her down on top of him, running his hands from her buttocks to her hair as he opened his mouth on hers.  He pulled her legs to either side, causing her to straddle his hips.  She began to move herself against him, feeling his hardness moving in response.  He reached out and grasped her hips firmly, urging their movement as he rocked his own hips upward in response.  He groaned this time as he began to slide in their combined moisture, his erection slipping past her core on each thrust without entering.

Remembering the tray on the table, Caitlyn reached out, returning with chocolate dripping off her finger.  “Chocolate-covered Luka...mmm....” she breathed huskily.  She spread the chocolate on his nipples and his navel, and proceeded to lick it off, covering every square inch of skin with little cat-like licks.  Luka groaned, knowing for sure she was going to drive him crazy before the night was over.  Her teeth scraped his nipples, shooting sensations straight to his groin.  Her tongue followed, lightly leaving the skin before she closed her mouth over each one and sucked the sweetness off.

He lay with his head flung back and his eyes closed as she reached out once more to gather a finger full of chocolate.  Scooting down his body, she nudged his legs apart, lying between them, and brought the rapidly cooling chocolate to coat his hardness.  As her mouth closed over him, she heard his breathing catch and he gave a slight moan.  His hands came up involuntarily to tangle in her hair, encouraging her movements on him.  The flavor of the chocolate mingled with the sharper flavor of Luka, creating a new sensation on her tongue as she licked up and around, delicately encircling the tip to then slip back down.   She continued on in this way, driving both of them slowly towards oblivion, as Luka’s hips began to move upward in a reflex action.  He groaned out loud, his hands pushing her head away.  “Stop, or it will be too late.”  He said, and reached out to pull Cait up to him, wrapping his arms around her, rolling over to lay full-length upon her, their weight causing her to sink into the bed.  “My turn now.”   He kissed her, stroking a hand down over her shoulder to her breasts.  He lifted one in his palm, feeling the weight of it in his hand, his thumb teasing the nipple into a painfully hard tip.  He trailed his mouth down to the spot, closing his lips over the erect nipple, worrying it with his teeth, then following with his tongue.  He repeated the procedure on her other breast.  “I think they’re missing something, don’t you?” he teased, then reached over to scoop up some chocolate which he rubbed onto her breasts, causing her to groan, her legs parting as he then licked all the chocolate off her swollen breasts.  She was making breathless little noises that excited him as he licked her skin and Luka wanted to hear more. 

Reaching into the chocolate pot again, he then dabbed some on her belly, dipping his tongue into her navel to suck out the chocolate, then trailed his mouth lower still.  He pushed her legs aside as he settled down between them and brought the chocolate to her lower lips.  She was very wet, he noticed, as he smeared the chocolate on her squirming body, holding her still with the other hand.  She was moaning audibly as he began to lick her gently, running his tongue along her labia and gently seeking out the clitoris, feeling the shudders going through her body with each sweep of his tongue.  He closed his lips over her and suckled as much of the chocolate off as he could.

He felt her pulling him up as she began to thrash a bit on the bed.  He quickly slid upward between her legs, feeling himself rub against her wet heat as he locked his mouth on hers.  He felt himself poised on the entrance to her body and sunk inward as she heaved her hips upward, both of them gasping at the sudden penetration.  Her legs raised to wrap around his hips and he was lost, gone in the hot wetness of her, moving mindlessly, hearing the sighs and moans she made with each plunge inward he took.   He felt her begin to grip him hard with her vaginal muscles; he moved his mouth to her ear.  His voice was as dark and rich as the chocolate they’d shared as he encouraged her not to stop.  “That’s good...don’t stop, let me see you come, Cait, I want to see you.” He whispered in her ear, causing her to moan loudly and then shriek softly as she began to convulse in her orgasm.  He watched her face, her head thrown back, eyes closed, seeing that same expression of ectasy he’d gotten a auick glimpse of as she’d eaten the chocolate, but now it was for him.  He hung on tightly as her body bucked under his, triggering his own release as he groaned into her hair, body locked to body, the sounds of their pleasure echoing in the room long after they’d stopped shaking.  They both were breathing heavily and neither moved as they kept hold of each other, their arms still wrapped tightly around the other.

Luka lifted his head far enough to cover Caitlyn’s mouth with his, letting his lips speak the words as he caressed her mouth.  She yawned, and he pulled down the covers, arranging them underneath.  Cait had already turned towards him, burying her face in his chest, one leg draped over his.  He wrapped his arm around her and drew her in close, listening to the little humming sounds of contentment she made, like a cat purring.

“Luka.”  She said, sounding almost asleep. 


“Nothing...just Luka.”  She yawned again.  He smiled against her hair and closed his eyes.  He still could see her face in the middle of her ectasy, eyes closed, mouth open, the involuntary sounds of pleasure that she made.

“Tell me, would you rather have just had plain chocolate?”

He felt her smile against his chest, and take a breath to answer.  “No, you’re better than chocolate anyday.   The both of you together was almost more than I could stand.”

“Well, you know, there’s still the strawberries, and the champage....”

End Part 4


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