Champagne and Chocolate


By Gin


**Disclaimer:  The characters from ER belong to Amblin, NBC, etc., etc.  I’m just borrowing them for a bit of fun. 

***Warning:  This story is rated R for explicit sexual situations.  If you find that offensive, or if you are under 18 years of age,this story is not for you.  

Caitlyn Martinson, M.D., drove up outside her small house, turned off the motor, and sat there.  It had been a long day and she was beat.   She forced her tired limbs to move as she trudged up the path to her door.   Fumbling with her keys, she soon stepped inside the dimly lit, blessedly cool interior of her home.   Immediately something soft and furry curled itself around her legs.

“Hello Isis, my love, how was your day?” she scooped the little calico cat into her arms.  "I hope your day has been better than mine.”   Heading towards the kitchen, she quickly fed her ‘starving’ cat and poured a glass of iced tea.   Well Cait, another Friday night alone, she thought to herself.   Oh well, she had her plans – stripping off the slightly damp clothes she was wearing and submerging herself in a nice warm tub of scented water.   Gulping her tea, she shrugged out of her top and pulled off the bra she wore, shivering slightly as the cool air from the AC vent blew over her. 

The bathroom was beckong and she heeded the call.   She loved her bathroom with its deep whirlpool step-up next to the picture window facing the yard.  It looked like part of the outdoors, surrounded by plants of all varieties.  Reaching up, she turned on the taps, slowly filling her deep green tub.   She added her favorite bath scent of lavender.  Kicking off her sandals she peeled off her undies, rummaging for an elastic to hold her long auburn hair off her neck.  Placing her iced tea on the small table, she sank into the tub.  She groaned in bliss as the heat relaxed her tense muscles.  Breathing deeply, she let the water soothe away the frustrations of the day.  I think I’ll just spend the rest of the night right here she thought.

Damn, she thought, as her cordless phone began to ring.  Maybe I’ll just ignore it, but her conscious wouldn’t let her get by with that.  What if it was the hospital and they needed her.   She reached out a wet hand and grabbed the phone.  “Dr. Martinson,” She answered crisply.

“Hi, Cait, did I catch you at a bad time?” said a husky, deep voice with its charming Croatian accent.

“Luka?” she questioned, disbelieving her own ears.  “Damnation, I’m trying to drown the phone, or electrocute myself here, I’m not sure which.”  

“I can call later if this is a bad time.”

“Oh no, don’t hang up.  I’m situated now. “  Caitlin laughed.

“Just what am I interrupting?” Luka inquired. 

“You’re not interrupting anything, I’m just relaxing in the tub.  It’s been a hell of week here.  I just felt like pampering myself!

She heard him sigh.  “I know what you mean.  It’s been a hell of a past few months in Chicago. “

“Are you still in Chicago?”

“No,” Luka replied, “I’m here in San Diego, actually.  I’m staying at Jack Patterson’s beach house while he’s taking his wife to Europe.” 

Caitlyn laugned, “I wonder who his wife caught him with this time?”  They shared a laugh, knowing their colleague’s penchant for getting into trouble. 

“I was hoping we might get together, maybe having some dinner, if you’d like, it’s been a long time.” Luka ended quietly. 

“That’s the truth.”  Caitlyn replied.  “Yes, I’d like that.  How long are you planning on staying?”

“Oh, I’ll be here for awhile, I’m on leave right now.  Have you had dinner this evening?” Luka asked.

“Well, no,” she replied, “I only made it as far as the bath.  Okay, you twisted my arm.   Do you remember how to get to my house?”  When he hesitated she quickly gave him directions.  “Thats only about 15 minutes from here.”  

“You’d better hurry and get dressed then, I’m hungry.”  He hung up the phone.

Caitlyn flew out of the bath, leaving a trail of puddles.   Luka Kovac – now that was a voice from the past.  It seemed ages since they had worked together.  He was one of the best ER attendings she had known.   As one of the trauma surgeons on staff, they had often worked together, developing not only a professional relationship, but also friendship.  She had missed him when he left for Chicago, more so than she was willing to admit to herself.

Shaking off the memories, she searched her closets until she found a soft, pale peach, sleeveless dress.   She ran a quick brush through her hair, and touched up her make up.  A quick spritz of her perfume and she was ready, when she heard the doorbell.   She went and opened the door.  Luka stood there on the porch, smiling.  It had been so long since she had seen that smile.  “You didn’t waste anytime getting here, did you? She said, letting him in.

Luka took her free hand in his.  “Told you I was hungry.”  He stepped back and looked at her, still holding her hand.  “You didn’t waste any time getting ready.  You look lovely.”  He reached over and pressed his lips against her cheek.

She looked at him.   He had a little more gray in his hair, and he had lost weight.  There were dark circles under his eyes, those eyes that still had their haunted look.  Just what had they been doing to him in Chicago, she wondered. 

“Thanks.  You look good too, if I ignore the dark circles under your eyes.  Just what have you been doing in Chicago?” she said, frowning a bit.   Luka smiled, “Well, obviously not getting enough sleep.”  Then quickly changing the subject, he said, “Lets go eat.  I’m not going to last much longer.” 

They found a small restaurant on the waterfront.  It was intimate and quiet.  They sat at a table overlooking the beach.   After giving their order to the waiter, they chatted, catching up on what each had been doing since Luka left for Chicago.   Luka was not surprised when Caitlyn told him she was now Chief of Trauma Surgery.  He knew she was on the fast track to the top.   He told her about County, and they laughed over some of the ‘amusing’ cases he had seen. 

Luka and Cait picked their way through the various dishes, and sat back replete.  The waiter removed the empty dishes and brought out a plate with sliced fruits and assorted chocolates.

Caitlyn sighed, “Oh great, he brings out chocolate!  There’s no way I can resist that.” 

Luka laughed, “That’s right, you always were a chocaholic.  Here.”  He reached out, picked a sinful looking dark piece off the plate and held it out to her mouth.  Caitlyn gave him a dark look.  “Friends are supposed to help, not corrupt.”  He smiled and brushed it against her mouth.  With one last look she closed her lips around the small piece of heaven.  Biting into it, the flavor exploded on her tongue.  Her eyes closed and she groaned a little.  “Oh Luka, when you tempt, you pick the right things!”  She licked her lips delicately as she swallowed. 

He wanted to see that expression on her face again, and held out another piece to her.  Once again, an expression of sheer delight crossed her face as she concentrated on the flavors in her mouth.  It was the most unselfconsciously erotic thing he’d ever seen.

Her eyes opened and she looked at him.  “No more, I could go overboard with this, but my wardrobe would not appreciate it!”  She smiled.

Luka grasped her hand, pulling her up.  “Let’s dance then.”  He said.  Her look of surprise quickly turned to one of delight.  “Okay, but it’s been awhile, so watch your toes!”  She followed him on the dance floor and found herself enfolded in his arms, moving to the slow rhythm of the music.   Cait relaxed into Luka’s embrace.  His skin was warm through the soft silk of his dark blue shirt, and she could feel the play of his muscles under her hands.  He moved smoothly and without effort, and Caitlyn found herself following his lead.   She felt his hand move to the exposed skin of her back, gently stroking the bare skin from her neck to waist, stopping at the end of the deep V neck, then returning upward under her hair.   Caitlyn found it hard to move, it felt as if her bones were turning to water.  Luka kept up the gentle stroking while still moving to the music around them.   Cait felt as if the room was spinning around her.  She grasped Luka more tightly.  He reached down and gently kissed her cheek, brushing aside her hair, brushing his lips across her ear.  She felt a shiver run through her entire body.  Luka felt her involuntary movements, and tightened his grip on her, pulling her tightly against his body. 

At that moment the song came to an end.  Luka stood for a moment before releasing Caitlyn, and finally drew back, his hands moving from her back, down her arms to her hands.  He looked at her without speaking, and then lead them back to the table.   Caitlyn sipped her wine.  Earlier Luka had moved his chair closer to hers, and they sat side by side.  He captured her hand, pulling it onto his lap, gently playing with her fingers.  He remained silent.

Cait thought she would go crazy.   Between his silence and the soft touch of his hand on her, she wondered how could anyone seduce a hand, but that’s what he was doing.    Pulling her hand free, she said “Lets go for a walk on the beach.”  Luka looked surprised for a moment, but quickly agreed.  While he was taking care of the check, Caitlyn hurried to the restroom.   She patted cold water on her face and washed her hands.  She knew was stalling, trying to regain her composure.  He was affecting her more than the wine.  Finally she headed back out and caught up with Luka waiting for her outside. 

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