A Fair Exchange – Part 5 (Conclusion)

by Pebbles

RATING: Not suitable for under 18

 – sexual content


Melissa was shocked to find Martin Hunt at the door – she had hoped it might be Luka come to persuade her to accept his love. Instead, the man she loathed above all others was crossing her threshold. “Lissa darling” he drawled. “I’ve come for your apology!”

“What do you mean?” Melissa stepped back and made to shut the door again but he was quickly through the doorway and grabbing her wrist before she could stop him. “Why, you tried to ignore me last night. You hurt my feelings! And your going to have to pay for that!” he leered pulling her closer to him. “Leave me alone, Martin. Go back to your wife!” Melissa was panicking.

“Leave her out of it!” his voice was ugly. Melissa could see anger and lust in his eyes. His normally pale and fleshy face was reddening and his grip on her wrist was like iron. She opened her mouth to scream but no sound came. He lunged towards her trying to capture her mouth with his but she twisted from side to side avoiding his lips. His breath reeked of alcohol. “Don’t fight it, Lissa. I know your gagging for it. Your doctor friend not giving you one, eh ?” He trapped her arm behind her back and with his free hand started to rip open her blouse.

“No, no, please” Melissa sobbed as Martin forced her back against the kitchen table. He pinned her down and began to fondle her breasts whilst attempting to force her legs apart with his knee. Suddenly he was being pulled off her. “Get off her! Te kopile!”  Luka’s voice was thick with rage. “JA bi trebao ubiti te!”  (#) He threw the shorter man towards the door his eyes flashing with menace. Martin, seeing he was no match for this enraged Croatian slunk away and Luka slammed the door behind him.

Luka turned, his rage ebbing away. His beloved Melissa was huddled on the floor trying to cover her bare breasts with the torn remnants of her blouse and sobbing pitifully. Tears sprang to his own eyes. How could this have happened? He had been disturbed by the dog whining at his door and had come down to check if everything was all right but nothing had prepared him for this scene. He knelt down beside her, enfolding her in his arms. Melissa buried her face in his chest – trying to block out the memory of the assault. Gradually her sobs diminished. She could feel Luka’s heart beating beneath his shirt. Its steady rhythm comforted her as his hands stroked her head and back.

“Stay with me Luka” She pleaded “Don’t leave me” “Hush, my darling” He murmured into her hair “I’m not leaving you alone. Never again.” Picking her up in his arms her carried her into the sitting room. He continued to hold her as he sat down on one of the sofas – all the time gently rocking her and murmuring reassurances. “I will never leave you Melissa, I love you. I want to stay with you forever ” 

The fire was still blazing away in the hearth and Luka stared into the flames wondering if it was fate that had brought him here. Carol Hathaway had told him he would find his soul mate one-day and here he was, half way across the world with Melissa cradled in his arms. It felt so good just to hold her. He would make sure that policeman never came near her again, that was for sure! In the morning he would see what should be done about that. But tonight he would comfort her and hope that she could get over the trauma of the attack.

Presently, Luka realised that Melissa had fallen asleep. The fire was beginning to go out and the room had begun to get cold. Carefully he carried Melissa up the stairs. He wasn’t sure where her bedroom was but passing Mikey’s empty room he soon found it. The bed, an enormous four-poster, was hung with dark crimson drapes. He pulled back the matching bedcovers and gently lay Melissa down on the bed. Her arms were wrapped tightly around his neck and when he tried to release them she moaned in her sleep and resisted. Not wanting to wake her, Luka lowered himself on to the bed next to her and continued to hold her tight until her breathing became steady again. Listening to her steady breathing, Luka was soon fast asleep too.


Even before he opened his eyes, Luka knew exactly where he was. The warmth of Melissa’s sleeping body, her womanly scent were reminders enough. He decided, reluctantly to leave her to sleep. She seemed so peaceful now. Gently he eased himself out from the covers. He was still fully clothed but he did not want to leave the house for a change of clothing in case Melissa called out for him. He settled for a quick shower in one of the guest bathrooms and then went down stairs in just his jeans to make some coffee.

Melissa awoke with a start – not at first remembering the events of the previous night. When she realised that she was almost fully dressed it all came flooding back: the assault and then Luka, rescuing her from her tormentor. She recalled his words of comfort and his declaration of love. Had she dreamt it? She could smell his scent on her pillow. Had he slept with her last night?

She decided to take a shower to clear her head. Afterwards she slipped on a towelling robe and went downstairs to let out Baggins. A wonderful aroma of coffee was coming from the kitchen. Softly entering the room she saw Luka stood by the Aga pouring out a brew of coffee into two mugs. He was naked to the waist and Melissa paused to admire his beautiful physique. His back was broad and lightly tanned; his muscles taut though not over developed. A long jagged scar ran from his left shoulder blade to his waist. Melissa walked over and gently touched his scar, following its path lightly with her fingers. Luka did not flinch. He turned around and looked down into Melissa’s eyes.

“Good morning, my sleeping beauty” Luka beamed at her “How do you feel this morning?”

“All the better for seeing you” Melissa returned his smile “Thank you for what you did last night.” She paused “Did you put me to bed?” Her expression clouded for a moment. “Yes my darling and I slept with you all night!” His eyes twinkled with merriment.” Don’t worry, you didn’t snore!” Melissa reached up and put her hands around the back of his neck, gently pulling his head down towards her. “I love you, Luka” she said huskily before pressing her lips to his forehead.

“And I, you” Luka answered sliding his hands inside her robe to encircle her waist. His mouth sought out Melissa’s and he kissed her so tenderly she felt as if she were floating on air. Gradually the kiss deepened; his tongue teasing her lips open, delving inside to taste the sweetness of her mouth. Melissa returned his kiss with equal passion. Her hands roaming over his back, pressing her breasts against his chest.

Luka let his hands slide down over her hips and then, cupping her firm buttocks in his hands lifted her as if she were a feather. Melissa slid her legs around his torso and allowed herself to be carried up the stairs, all the time returning his kisses so that once or twice he stumbled a little. “Be careful, my darling” he chuckled “I don’t want to be making love to you in a cast”

Reaching the bedroom at last, they sank onto the bed together, still locked in an embrace. Breaking off from the kiss to draw breath, Luka slipped her robe completely off and hungrily drank in the sight of her naked body. “You are so beautiful” he murmured as he bent to caress her breasts with his lips, his tongue teasing her nipples until Melissa cried out with desire. She slid out from under him and, pushing him playfully onto his back laughed “Now it’s my turn!”

Straddling his lap she first bent to capture his lips in another long and sensuous kiss, her breasts lightly brushing against his chest. Melissa then worked her mouth slowly down his neck and across his chest, licking and nibbling at his skin. Luka moaned and pulled her back down for a long and urgent kiss, crushing her body tight to his. Through the thick material of his jeans, Melissa could feel his hardness. “I want you so much, Luka – make love to me!” she whispered in his ear.

They rolled over, Melissa helping him slide out of his Jeans. Both completely naked they lay quietly for a while enjoying the feeling of bare skin against bare skin. Luka then slipped his hand between her thighs and Melissa gasped as he found her warm dark centre. Deftly he stroked her until she was almost lost in a tide of passion. “Please, I need you inside me” she begged and taking him in her hand guided him urgently towards her. He entered her at last. The world seamed to float far away as Luka thrust deeper and deeper within her. Melissa felt the heat rising within her until she came in an explosion of fire, her eyes misting over with desire. Luka cried out her name, his climax coming just moments after.

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he sank down beside her, kissing her face tenderly. “I can’t believe I’ve found you – please, say you will marry me.” he asked anxiously his voice rough with emotion.  Melissa looked long and deep into his eyes before giving her answer. “Yes, my darling. Yes!”


# This translates as “You bastard!”  and  “I should kill you!”


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