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Nothing bothers a reader more than an author who doesn't get her facts straight! To help you get started, here's a list of general information and useful links. If the real ER writers would check this, we wouldn't have Luka calling his wife "Jasna"!

1.Dr. Luka Kovac Facts

The writers of ER have told us very little about Dr. Luka Kovac. Here is ALL we know, up through the current episode:

Luka's Past:

- Luka is from Croatia. (Last Rites)

- Luka grew up near the sea (The Fastest Year)

- Luka's Grandpa had a farm (The Fastest Year)

- Luka's father is a train engineer (The Fastest Year) and artist (Secrets and Lies)

- Luka's father still lives in Croatia (The Greatest of Gifts)

- Luka has a brother (The Fastest Year)

- Luka was an actor in college, performing the role of "Hamlet" (Secrets and Lies)

- Luka's family never had much money, but he said they "always had enough" and his childhood was happy (Secrets and Lies).

- Luka once had a wife and two children. The children were born at different times ("Great Expectations")

- Luka's wife's name was Danijela (A Walk in the Woods)

- Luka's two children were a daughter Jasna and a son named Marko. (A Match Made in Heaven)

- Jasna was at least 4 years old (he mentions Jasna's 4rth birthday party), Marko was younger. (A Match made in Heaven)

- Luka's wife and children were killed in Vukovar (probably in 1991) when an artillary shell hit their apartment (the Fastest Year, the Crossing)

- Luka has no pictures of his son; only one picture of his wife and daughter. (A Match Made in Heaven)

Luka in Chicago:

- Luka Kovac is an attending physician at County General Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, USA. (He was hired by Kerry Weaver in "Humpty Dumpty" to replace Gabe Lawrence).

- He used to live on a boat ("Greene with Envy"), but he sold it and bought a Saab ("How the Finch Stole Christmas").

- Luka then lived in a hotel, in room 1214, providing medical care for tourists in return for a break on the rent (Benton Backwards, Flight of Fancy)

- Luka finally moved into his own one-bedroom apartment (The Longer You Stay, Secrets and Lies).

- Luka killed a mugger (Benton Backwards), but there were no legal consequences as the police called it self-defense.

- Luka met Bishop Lional Stewart, a Catholic Bishop who helped Luka work out most of his guilt about the death of his family. (Four episodes of season 7: Rock, Paper, Scissors; Thy Will be Done; A Walk in the Woods; The Crossing)

- Luka bought a Dodge Viper (It's All In Your Head), explaining to Abby, "You only live once." he later wrecked it in "Hindsight."

Romantic involvements:

-Danijela, Luka's wife (see "Luka in Croatia"). Luka and Danijela married young, and he lost his virginity with her on their wedding night (Secrets and Lies.) Luka has mentioned his deep love for her many times.

-. Carol Hathaway, season 6. Luka hung around Carol and her infant twin daughters; they shared only a few kisses before Carol went to be with her soulmate and the father of her children, Doug Ross.

- Abby Lockhart, season 7-8.2 (so far...) After a disasterous first date, which ended when Luka killed a man who tried to mug them, they came together in a relationship with little communication. Their break-up in "The Longer You Stay" was nothing if not spectacular, with many cruel words exchanged. Eventually they devolped a friendship, and Abby stayed on Luka's couch when she was afraid to stay in her apartment after her neighbor assulted her. (A Simple Twist of Fate, It's All in your Head, Secrects and Lies)

- Nicole (8.2-8.10) A French barmaid who sought out Luka's help when she lost her job. Luka helped her get a job at County, and invited her to live with him when he found when she was living in a hostel. After Nicole was caught stealing from her co-workers at County, she was fired; she then told Luka that she was pregnant.(Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain.) Luka decided he would "do the right thing" and marry Nicole. Nicole then told Luka that there was no baby.(Quo vadis). Abby later discovered that Nicole had an abortion. Nicole asked Abby not to tell Luka (I'll be Home for Christmas.)

Season 9: In a quest to fill a void, Luka has seen a string of women, including Kathy, an X-ray tech; Chuny; a married woman; and a hooker, as well as nameless others. Also, an attempt to seduce Harkins in 9.10 (Hindsight) that was unsuccesful. Finally, Gillian, a French-Canadian nurse from Montreal whom he met in Kisangani, The Congo.

Season 10: Gillian, the French Canadian nurse Luka met in Kisangani, joined Carter to search for the presumed-dead Luka. When Luka was found alive, she accompanied him back to Chicago, and stayed with him through episode 10.4 (Shifts Happen), when she went back to her boyfriend in Montreal. She seemed very upset about leaving, and promised Luka, "I'll see you in a couple of months." When she returned, Luka realized he wanted more than casual relationships (see below).

Samantha Taggart (Sam), ER nurse and single mother to son Alex, who's 10. Luka was originally Alex's friend, but then Sam made the first intimate move, looking for a casual sexual relationship. When she felt things were going too fast, she told Luka she wasn't looking for anything serious. But when she discovered Luka has slept with Gillian, Sam realized her feelings ran deeper, and she and Luka became exclusive. However, Alex's dad Steve showed up, and in episode 10.22, announced he was moving to Chicago. Sam packed up Alex and took off, despite Luka's last minute plea that she stay and talk with him about what was going on. In 11.1, after a call from Alex, Luka went to the motel Sam and Alex were staying in and asked her to return to Chicago. She agreed. Luka told her he loved her, but she resisted moving in with him until episode 11.6. When Sam realized Luka wanted more childern, she told him she was never going to have more kids, and broke it off with him (episode 12.1)

Abby II: After a difficult day, Abby went to Luka's apartment to vent. They ended up sleeping together. Now they're expecting a child--and so far, they both seem pretty happy about things.

Season 13: Luka and Abby are still together. Baby Joe was born prematurely, but he doesn't seem to be having any long-term consequences. Luka, Abby, and Joe are living together in Luka's apartment, and seem to be very happy together. The biggest break-through? Luka and Abby actually talk about what's bothering them--a big step forward int heir relationship. At least for now. Luka springs a surpsie wedding(!) on Abby, and they wed with the help of a Rabbi. They're planning their honeymoon when Luka gets a call from Croatia--his father's gravely ill, and he must return. Abby has to stay in Chicago since Joe has no passport.

Season 14: Luka is still in Croatia; his father has spinal cancer. Abby starts resenting Luka's absence almost immediately, and when Joe gets hurts and she misses a serious but simple diagnosis, Abby whines about how "it would be easier if I didn't have to do this alone"--despite the tons of support she's getting from the hospital staff and her friends. She also has a minor accident on the way home. After putting Joe to bed, alcoholic Abby opens a bottle of wine (perhaps it should be spelled "whine") and starts drinking. Let the angst begin!
So, how bad did it get? Abby repeated showed up at work hung over. Pissed at Luka, she got so soused at a party that she decided short, bald, hairy-chest Dr. Moretti looked like a good bet, and she slept with him. The early-morning after (still night, really) had Abby waking to the amazing bald bear, and, horrified, she fled back to her apartment, and the frantic babysitter who had been trying to reach her. Abby took poor sleeping Joe from his crib and tried to drive to the airport, but realized she was still to drunk, so she switched to a cab. Once at the airport, she was refused tickets until she chilled out and sobered up. In the end, she never went to Croatia. She did, however, take even more days off from work.
When Luka finally returned to Chicago after 6 months, he brought his brother Niko along(!) because nothing helps a married couple re-connect more than having a relative--one the wife never met before--hanging around. Abby was still whining, and she found plenty of excuses to go to Neela's place and crack open a bottle of vodka. A confused Luka can't understand what's wrong. After Chaplin Julia tells her a lame story, Abby finally realizes she has a serious problem, one that requires her to go to rehab while Luka takes Joe with him to Croatia for Grandpa Kovac's funeral.

Miscellaneous Stuff:

-Luka's blood type is B+ ("Humpty Dumpty")

- Luka's confirmation name is "Michael" (Rock Paper Scissors)

-Luka apparently speaks fluent--or at least passable-- Italian (The Longer You Stay), German (Foreign Affairs) and French (Kisangani)

AND THAT'S IT! Anything else you think you know about Luka Kovac came from someone's fan fictions, GV's personal life or one of his movies. So be careful with what you write. On the plus side, it gives you plenty of leeway with your fan fiction!

2. County General Hospital

County General is a public teaching hospital, required to help anyone who comes into their ER, regardless of their ability to pay.

3.The Doctors of ER/County General, from highest rank to lowest

- Robert ("Rocket") Romano Chief of Staff for the whole hospital, and Head of Surgery. RIP

- Elizabeth Corday Assistant Head of Surgery (through 11.3)

- Kerry Weaver Emergency Room Chief, then Chief of Staff, then back to ER Attending

- Mark Greene Attending physician (seasons 1-8)

- Luka Kovac Attending physician (Luka and Mark had the same title, but Mark enjoyed a great deal of seniority.)

- Susan Lewis, Attending Physician (season 8.5-12.1)

- Peter Benton Surgeon (season 1-8.10)

- Jing Mei (Deb) Chen attending

- John Carter medical student, surgical intern, ER intern, ER attending

-Gregory Pratt, Resident, ER Attending(season 13)
-Dave (Dr. Dave) Malucci Resident (sesaon 6-8.4)

- Cleo Finch Pediatric Resident (season 6-8.10)

-Lucy Knight, med student (season 6-7)
-Michael Gallant, med student, Neela's husband KIA in Iraq 12.20
-Erin Harkins, med student (season 9)
-Neela Rastogi, ER intern(resident), surgical resident(season 13)
-Ray Barnett, intern(resident) (he's in the same year as Abby and Neela.)

Other recurring characters:
-Morris-resident,ER attending (season 13)
-Hope, intern
-Jane, intern/resident
-Lester, med student
-Lucian Dubenko, Chief of Surgery
-Dustin (Dusty) Crenshaw, Chief Surgical Resident
-Tony Gates, paramedic turned intern
-Kevin Moretti, new ER Chief


a. Carol Hathaway, Charge Nurse (seasons 1-6)

b. Haleh Adams

c. Lilly Jarvic

d. Lydia Wright

e. Chuny Marquez

f. Conni Oligario

g. Malik McGrath

h. Yosh Takata

i. Abby Lockhart Nurse, former Medical Student, season 9 charge nurse; med student/nurse (season 10); intern(resident) season 11

j. Samantha "Sam" Taggert, nurse(season 10-)

k. Shirley, surgical nurse

5. Desk Clerks




Randi Fronczak

Warner Bros. has an (outdated) floorplan of the ER for you.

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